Date Night

“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ” ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Do we still go out on dates with our husbands? 

When the day is full from work, and the nights are still young with homework and dishes and last-minute cleaning, do we still have energy to romance our specific others?

Most of the time, No. But countless articles and studies have always encouraged us to find time, and energy, to spiff up our marriage. Sometimes it takes just little things to turn things around. Date Nights should not stop just because we’re already married. Maybe the only thing that could change now is what dating is like for married couples. 

My husband and I are both working, and it certainly takes a lot of effort to create a special time for both of us. But we have learned to enjoy the little things: 

  • Popcorn while watching our favorite series at home
  • Cooking our favorite meals together
  • Grocery shopping, and finding new items in the market
  • Creating our special MP3 playlist, because listening to these makes us remember the other even when we’re apart for the day
  • Driving around and catching up while traffic
  • Enjoying a bottle of wine, or hot chocolate, at the end of the day

What counts is our willingness to be with our spouse, without thinking of work or the children. Just you and him, just like the old times.