A Letter to the Working Mom

Here’s an excerpt from a really poignant letter by Alicia Keswani:

Hey there Working Mama,

Can we sit down and breathe for a sec?

Let’s set our stuff down and give permission to press pause on the ever-running-to-do-lists that runs like a news-ticker on our minds.

We need this break more than anyone but are probably the last to get it.

I know the fatigue that sets in when all you feel is guilty: guilty that you like going to work, guilty that you want to go home early to be with your baby. Guilty when you miss a milestone, or guilty when you have to stay late to catch up on a project. Guilty when you forget about an upcoming meeting or guilty that you have to leave early because the baby got sick.

Hear me friend–we may not know each other but I do know this: You were chosen to be your baby’s mama.

All of who you are–your passions, your fears, your job, your living situation, your marital status, your heart, your soul–is being used to create something so, so precious: a childhood.

You are not a bad mama for working. You are not a bad employee because you are a mother.

Either way, you are working because you’re a great mother.

You are brave and I admire you.

Link to the Full Letter can be read here.

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