A Day in the Life of a Juggling Mom

“Working Mothers’ Laughter comes hardest when our double life is revealed for what it is: a juggling act in which the balls can drop at any time, invariably on our own head. – Allison Pearson”

Today was one of those days, when everything and everyone was pulling me in all directions.

My daughter was sent home from school, having sudden head lice. I had to give training presentations in the afternoon, which means I cannot take a full day leave from the office.

Deep Breaths.

Quick decisions must be made: I needed to bring my daughter to the doctor in the morning, but I must bring her also with me to the office in the afternoon. After making some calls, I took the morning off and brought my daughter to the pedia and derma. While in the waiting area, I made some emails and calls using my phone. Lunchtime, we made a quick lunch in the car while I submitted three documents to the embassy. In the afternoon, I gave my daughter paper and coloring materials to keep her busy while I finished my presentation. Five in the afternoon, I was exhausted, but turned in early.

Meals must be ordered since I cannot prepare and cook anymore. Even if I had pre cooked meals prepared, I contacted our friendly neighborhood food delivery, and ordered our meals in advance. We made it in time for Ash Wednesday Mass.

For days like these, I’m thankful for my “village” – officemates understanding enough to help with project tasks and looking after my daughter, and quick access meals/laundry when I cannot do chores anymore.

Working Moms are truly resourceful and resilient. Cheers to a productive yet stressful day. Ready for the next one!

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