“The struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.” ~ Milan Kundera

Have you ever had an episode where you went to a room to get something, but when you go there, you completely forgot what you wanted to look for?

Or in a rush to go to the office, you forgot your laptop as soon as you stepped out of the parking lot, and had to go home again just to get it?

I’m guilty of all of these. Most of the time. 

Sometimes it’s funny, but it can get really frustrating. Especially when my forgetfulness takes up extra time to backtrack. Entering motherhood has given me more tasks, activities and to-do’s to remember than before. 

But I’ve learned how to manage though. Over the years, I’ve enlisted help from reminders and people to help me not be so forgetful:

  • I have extra charging cords, baby wipes, toiletries, clothes in the car trunk and in the office. Just in case I forget to bring them from home.
  • I have lists and reminders and alarms of my schedules in my phone and my email. Lists are actually therapeutic.
  • I align tasks with my husband, so we can share reminders with each other. I ask him sometimes to remind me about grocery lists, or passing by the gas station, and I do the same from him.
  • If there’s a trip, it helps to prepare things to bring the night before. We put these in the car or near the door, so we won’t forget anything the next morning when we’re moving in a rush.

Lately, scientists have researched about this particular state of forgetfulness for mothers, and clinical tests show that this may be the real deal. Read more about mumnesia here.


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