Rainy Day? Go Play!

“When Life gives you a rainy day, play in the puddles.” ~ Nikhil Saluja

‘Tis the season for rain, storms, and bed weathers. When the gloomy skies won’t allow you to go outside and play with puddles, here are some indoor playtime ideas for you and the lil toddler:

1. Take One? Action!

Take a video with your child and create your own movie. It can be a musical with your own song-and-dance routine, or a scene from your favorite movie. Or it can be an original comedy with your funny faces and favorite tricks. Let your child direct what happens in the next scene.

2. Artsy Fartsy

Get crazy with colors and washable paints. Bring out some papers, old magazines, safe scissors, and create your own masterpiece together. You can ask your child to draw their favorites, or create a new toy together. 

3. Obstacle Course

Channel your inner athlete and create a short obstacle course for your lil one. Get pillows and old boxes to make a unique track of mini-tunnels, fortress and walls. Cheer your toddler as he races to the finish line!

4. Once Upon a Time 

Get lost in all the Fairytales and read stories together. You can act out some characters and even mimic voices. You can even act out the story in a puppet show or a mini show, complete with makeshift costumes and props.

5. Masterchefs

Make pancakes, homemade pizza or bake cookies together. You can ask your little one for some helping hand to mix the dough or decorate the pastries with some ready ingredients at home. Enjoy your finished product together for some fun afternoon snacks.

6. Cuddle and play

Time for a ticklefest! Have some fun identifying body parts and discover which one is your funny bone. Then cuddle up with warm blankets for a nice afternoon nap.

The possibilities for playtime are endless! The important thing is to stir creativity and spend quality time with your toddler. Stay cool, keep dry, and have fun! 


One thought on “Rainy Day? Go Play!

  1. I love these ideas. I love taking videos of my son who is just hilarious – I might be biased but yeah he sometimes doesn’t even realise he’s being funny. Hope you enjoy more rainy days!

    Liked by 1 person

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