The Legend of Salit-Salit

“Feeding my children is not like feeding myself: it matters more.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer

How ironic it is, that my daughter whom I need to feed more is being a picky eater as of late, and my husband whom I need to diet more is a fan of eat-all-you-cans and second servings?

Mealtimes are always an adventure in our family, as we need to squeeze our creative juices in crafting a variety of healthy and delicious foods that everyone would love. My daughter most especially needs more attention, as she gets distracted from her food and throws a tantrum when she is not familiar with what is laid in front of her.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depends on how you look at it), she smiles at the occasional “salit-salit”, or extra food that she takes a bite with together with her rice and ulam. As a kid, my mom had to give me “salit-salit” too, as my mealtimes would take three hours without it. Breakfast meets lunchtime, so to speak. Our daughter takes after her parents after all 🙂

Right now, she takess bite-sized pan de sal (which she takes after from her dad) as salit-salit for breakfast. For lunch and dinner, she leans towards something savory. Lola has introduced her to crunchy chips (gasp!), so now I have to look for the healthier kind so she doesn’t skip out on her meals.

Discovered this Veggie Chips from my friends’ Local Gourmet Manila (photo cred from their FB page). It’s made up of 8 kinds of vegetables, and still as tasty and healthy for my toddler. She loves it, thank God! I’m grateful for healthy finds so my daughter can eat healthy meals and still enjoy her salit-salit snacks.


Next stop: teach her how to eat by herself 🙂

For more info, click here for Local Gourmet’s official facebook page.


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