Art in Island Family

“I think togetherness is a very important ingredient to family life.” ~ Barbara Bush

Christmas season starts as early as November in our family, and the traditions follow suit. This includes the house decorations, christmas carols, and the weekend family trips.

My brother organized one trip this weekend, and invited everyone in the family to join. My brother, who rarely organizes, and my father, who rarely joins are both ready to go! I reorganized our Sunday plans and agreed to join the whole gang for a picture taking morning at Art in Island.

The whole venue in Cubao was filled with 3d art installations, where you can be creative in your poses and see the 3d effects in your pictures. Entrance is at Php 500, and it will be better if you come early to avoid the queues at the photo installations. This way you can also have as many takes and poses as you want. (More info on Art in Island here).


Everyone was game enough to pose and have fun with each other. Hope we can have more weekends like this, bonding as a complete family, Christmas season or not.


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