First Post

“Writing is the only way I have to explain my own life to myself.”
Pat Conroy, My Reading Life


Hello and Welcome to my *renewed* Blog!

So much has happened from the last time I put up a blog entry. A friend once told me that my previous blog emanated so much of my singlehood frustrations, particularly about men and relationships.

So when the first real relationship happened, and that blossomed into marriage and our first bundle of joy, my “single life” blog did not serve its purpose anymore. I was not able to write entries because I was too busy experiencing it all.

But I did miss writing. My thoughts still wander about, and I would always say to myself, ‘what if I just wrote all of them down?’ It would be nice to remember how I felt or what I thought on certain occasions. While I did the whole handwritten journal route, I think I would do better on an online interface. So, enter wordpress. Hello new blog!

I realize now that my entries do not have to be melancholic or wistful. Instead, I’ll use my time to write about lessons I’m currently learning on my motherhood and marriage journey, all juggled with my workplace adventures.

Welcome to The Working Mom Chronicles. 🙂


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