Ang Lutong Nanay

“Years later, when children become parents themselves, they will remember what matters: the time spent with family in the kitchen making and at the dining table eating food infused with flavors that only mom can make.” #LutongNanay

home cooking

Sharing this link I found on the Knorr website: Lutong Nanay: Preserving Home Cooked Meals in a Changing World.

I think that no matter how busy we get, we need to connect with our husbands and children through home-cooked meals. Which is why these past few months, I have been saving my weekends to learn how to make their favorite, comfort food– sinampalukang manok, escabeche, pork binagoongan, kare kare, kaldereta, and more recently, baked macaroni. (I will be sharing these recipes also in separate entries). I want my children to enjoy good food and bring these good memories with them as they grow older.  I want my husband to be proud of his wife who can cook really delicious meals for the family. And I want my family to treasure eating at our dinner table, despite our hectic schedules and busy lives.

Kudos to Knorr and their #LutongNanay advocacy. May we all learn the value of home cooked meals and sharing these with our families.


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